Our Software

Pixsys Technologies introduces Dish Operations, cloud software to run your Dish business

Designed specifically for Dish service companies by a Dish regional service provider, this is an all-inclusive software solution for tracking customers, inventory, receivables, payables, employees, and performance metrics. Our comprehensive solution includes all of the following major features and many more:

Work Order Management
Track customer appointments from creation, routing, installation, to payment. Add value to the work order by statusing, creating notes, reconciling inventory, retrieve RAs, and much more.

Supply Chain
Receive, track, and serialize installation equipment from the moment you create the PO. Generate internal serial numbers or import from Dish and track each piece of equipment every time it changes hands. Using our proprietary formula, predict how much equipment is needed for each branch and tech. Track tools and non-serialized installation accessories such as cable, connectors, etc. and view warehouse counts in real-time. Issue equipment to and from the technician and prevent those who have un-reconciled equipment from getting more.

Improve productivity by using our performance pay system. Pay each technician on a unit based formula, piecemeal formula, hourly rate, or any combination. Automatically calculate performance bonuses for each pay period based on custom rules. Track employee work times and automatically calculate OT pay. Communicate with each technician through our internal messaging system. Streamline your payroll process today!

Automatically generate receivable invoices for labor, equipment, connectivity, and RAs when the work order is completed. Post payments and automatically reconcile invoices, leaving just a small percentage of work orders to be reviewed by humans. Track each recon request and collect all your money in a timely manner.

Track your production with our hourly Automated Production report and balanced Scorecards. Know your performance metrics (CSAT, Connectivity, TC %, etc.) and view them at the tech, team, office, and regional level. Track your inventory and installation expenses by using the Field and Office Inventory report and the Cost Per Unit report.

Dish Integration
Taking advantage of Dish Web Services, our solution will interact with Dish for you. We automatically import work orders and keep them updated throughout the day. We synchronize account notes, send your sales to the Retailer Website, apply for your RAs, synchronize your inventory with ETADirect, and much more.

Other features include:
Technician’s Website (track appointments, payroll, inventory, and performance metrics)

  • Recruiting Portal
  • Retail Sales Portal
  • RA Automation
  • Basic HR Functions
  • Assisted Routing (with third party application)