Pixsys is a place where every team member can make an impact.  Everyone has a voice and has the opportunity to influence the decisions made in deciding what features to add to our software, how we go about working on those features, and even where we’ll go next. We don’t need org charts.  You know and work beside the owners and they know you.

We work within a collaborative, agile methodology.  We value constant improvement and attention to detail.  Our team members participate in lunch-and-learns and other ongoing learning to foster their professional growth as software engineers.  We encourage our developers to try new technologies and for one day every month that’s what each developer gets to do without distraction.

Life is hectic. Work is hard. So we’re flexible.  Every employee is able to work from home one day out of the week if they choose.  Need to come to work early so you can take little Johnny to basketball practice?  No problem, we can handle that.

All Employees Enjoy the Following Benefits:

  • 401k with matching
  • Health, dental, eye insurance
  • Life / disability insurance
  • Competitive salary
  • Flexible schedule
    • Work one day a week from home
  • Participate in lunch-n-learns
    • Previous topics include “Head First Design Patterns”, “Clean Code”, and “The Art of Unit Testing”
  • One day per month to explore new technology