About Pixsys Technologies

Pixsys Technologies is a cloud-based software provider servicing independent Dish retail and installation companies. Headquartered in Birmingham, AL, Pixsys combines industry best practices and software automation to create a highly customized solution for regional service providers (RSP), subcontractors, and retailers. Once a part of Satellites Unlimited Inc. (RSP), Pixsys has become the market leader in providing software to more than half of Dish regional service providers. Pixsys’ core offering, Dish Operations, leverages years of industry experience and dedication to deliver a best-in-class solution focusing on inventory, reporting, payroll, recon, retail, and other back-office functions while freeing up our customers to generate additional revenue through installations and sales.


  • Partners for life.
  • Data at your fingertips.
  • Defined processes and structure.
  • Accountability for individual performances.
  • Incentive based pay.

Knowledge and expertise

“Necessity is the mother of all inventions”. Our software was originally developed internally for a large regional service provider. With unlimited access to industry experts and hands on experiences, we have designed and refined our software for over 10 years. Since our initial launch in 2010, we have continued to add best practices and new features as a direct result of learning from new customers and striving to meet their unique needs. We focus on the satellite industry and work exclusively with Dish partners.

Support and training

Welcome to the community! We hope you like us because we’re not in it for just a single transaction. We understand that this is a subscription based business and we are committed to being ready when you have a question or need additional training. Our team comes from a service oriented background. We understand the industry; we’ve been here since the beginning, since EchoStar I, Dish Pro, and the SuperDish. We know your business never rests, not on holidays, weekends, or special occasions. We will be here for you when you need us because we understand the urgency and what’s at stake.
We interact with all our customers on a monthly basis. We understand that there is employee turnover and new employees will need to be trained. Every customer is assigned a technical account manager, who will learn about your team and how your company operates. We want your employees to be Pixsys gurus and experts so you can maximize the return on your Pixsys investment.